Recycled paper for eco-responsible communication

For companies concerned about the environment and sustainable development, it is interesting to have communication materials printed on recycled paper. Indeed, through this medium, the company's values can be represented.

What is recycled paper?

Recycled paper is a different medium from traditional paper. Indeed, this paper is created on a large base of used paper. This type of support is therefore always accompanied by a rate that represents the proportion of used paper used in the manufacture of this support.

Recycled paper: communicating the company's values

Through the choice of this paper, the company can convey an impactful message to its customers. Indeed, for all companies that advocate sustainable development, it is wise to print their communication materials on recycled paper in order to be consistent in their communication strategy. Moreover, this type of paper can be used in all sectors of activity. It can therefore be easily adapted to each professional. Thus, to highlight the Social and Environmental Responsibility of a company, it is essential to create its communication tools on ecological paper. 100% recycled paper is therefore the most eco-responsible paper for printing. Prospectus, flyer, business card, bookmark, leaflet, poster, letterhead, place mat: it is possible to print many supports on this type of paper. The advantages of this medium are numerous. Among them, we can mention some examples such as :
  • Saving raw materials
  • Saving energy
  • Awareness raising on waste management issues
Indeed, today, companies are increasingly concerned about the environment and attach importance to printing responsibly. This type of paper is therefore a good communication asset.

Printing flyers on environmentally friendly paper

The flyer is a communication support often used in the professional environment. It is therefore usually printed in large quantities. Therefore, in order to print responsibly, it can be interesting to print on environmentally friendly paper. We therefore offer printing on recycled paper 100% natural offset. Thus, the flyer can be distributed massively while conveying the values of a company. It is therefore a real communication asset. To inform customers about an event, to promote a new product or service, it is possible to print green advertising flyers made of recycled paper while transmitting a "green" message. We offer several formats and weights of eco-friendly flyers to meet all the needs of professionals. Read more tips on choosing the right size and weight in this article: choosing your paper.
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