The good idea: turning your pictures into Instagram photo books

This summer, you did not fail to share your most beautiful holiday photos on Instagram, fan toes by the sea. Framing, filters, heavenly landscapes: everything was there. But if your friends who were still working hard at the office liked your pictures, they were probably forgotten the next minute. Is it frustrating to spend so much time making beautiful pictures for so little glory time? What if, in the manner of a photo album, you carefully preserve the prettiest ones? The MySocialBook website for example, offers to print your Instagram, Facebook or blog accounts in the form of a book. You have spent time completing and pampering them, so it is normal to want to keep a material trace.

Immortalizing your highlights

In an era where everything is digitised, even our memories, keeping a trace in paper form is also an opportunity to have a beautiful object that is pleasant to look at. Gathering the best of your digital content allows you to keep only the most relevant, something you are particularly proud of. Showing your blog or your Instagram account to your friends and family is also more user-friendly around a book than around a computer... The most anxious at the idea of losing their data will be able to see there an additional security, no more anxiety to see your precious content disappear following a computer problem. Otherwise, dare to try something a little more fun, like turning your Instagram photos into marshmallows with Boomf or coloring pictures with Color Me Book!

Want to share all your best shots in a few clicks? We give you the Instagram photo album instructions.

Tired of reducing photos to postage stamp format to fit your best shots in one post? Instagram now has the solution and offers to make photo or video albums in a single post.

10 pictures in 1 post on Instagram

No more collage, no more editing, no more mini photo work. No more cruel dilemma when you have to choose between 2 sublime photos (yes, we took them) and you don't want to publish both of them to avoid being omnipresent on our subscribers' feeds. Instagram now allows its community to share several photos and videos in a single post. Top, to share all your most beautiful holiday photos or memories of a memorable moment ... without being limited to a collage! Fashion designers, cooks and others will also appreciate the possibility to publish one photo per room of a look or per step of a recipe ... etc...

How to publish an album of 10 photos in a few clicks?

Step 1: Press the photo upload button and select the 'multiple photos' icon, next to the boomerang and/or Layout icon (if you have downloaded the applications). Step 2 : You can make the modifications according to your taste ! Either we apply a single filter and a single setting for all the photos or we modify each element one by one. Step 3 : We organize the elements. By pressing the elements for a long time, you can change the order, remove ... Step 4 : You just have to fill in the information of the photo. There is only one caption and one place for all the photos of the publication but you can tag people on each photo of the publication.
Tips for creating the perfect photo book
Creating your photo book: criteria to remember

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