Tips for creating a photo book with social networks

Today, everything is digitized. Pictures, information, memories... How about we go back to our old ways. Just because they're old doesn't mean they're ugly. On the contrary, nothing is sweeter and more beautiful than our childhood photos in an album. That's what today's photo books try to do best: to give charm back to all our silver photos taken during our holiday colonies with the Kodak camera with big side handles. Today, photos are no longer taken with big Kodak cameras but by smartphones that are barely thicker than a sheet of Canson film and they are no longer stored in film boxes but on Facebook and all the other social networks. So social networks seem to be a privileged basis for designing photo books like those you can make through specialized websites like for instance.

Use photos on social networks

Are you consumers and Internet players? Do you share photos, content and videos with your friends on social networks? Each person is more or less technophile and active in his or her virtual life. No matter what position one chooses, photos inevitably end up in the nebulous spheres of social networks. Numbers speak louder than figures of speech and superlatives: today, 550 million photos are downloaded every day and stored in the image libraries of social networks such as Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr... This trend can be explained by the evolution of communication modes and the arrival of mobile phones invented by Martin Cooper and "revolutionized" by Apple and its hypermedia founder Steve Jobs. At the time of writing, there are 4.4 billion mobiles equipped with a camera out of the 5.2 billion mobiles currently in service. Among mobile phone users, 82% take photographs with their mobile phone. If you're part of this connected generation and you share everything, anytime, with friends and acquaintances via social networks, then it's time for you to capture your memories. Progress has only moved our photos from paper albums, to hard drives and now to cloud accounts that we can share. Your photos are worth much more than that. "A picture is worth more than a thousand words": this quote from Confucius sums it all up, show your loved ones that you are thinking of them and immortalize your most beautiful memories in a medium far more qualitative than a page on the web. For a long time, you've been recording the moments and places you've loved. The minutes you enjoyed with your friends have been photographed. Now, sort through them and find all the important moments. You'll find your story, your madness, your simple but magical moments, and even the moments you almost forgot, but that matter. Those who will see this photo book will want to press "I like", they will "comment", and "share" your initiative. Stronger than "Draw my life", go to "Pic my life"!

Where to get the photos on social networks?

A large part of the photos can be retrieved on your smartphone and on your Facebook account. The photos are divided into 3 main groups, the photos on which you are tagged, your photos and finally, your albums. Start by retrieving photos from your albums on Facebook, this is where they are best stored and then in your photos to finish with photos of you. All the photos are downloadable with a simple right click and then "Save as". You can also connect directly to your Facebook account, Instagram and many others to create a photo book without having to download them all.

How do I create a photo book?

To begin, you will need to select and save to your computer the photos you would like to see in the photo book. A photo book always has a theme, a common thread. Think about it before you start on all your accounts and hard drives. It could be a holiday, family, hobby, or anything else, but you need to define the purpose of your photo book before you get started. The photos should then be arranged in the order you want them to appear. They should also be grouped according to theme, location and event. Now that you have an idea of the story you're going to tell through the pages, you'll need to choose the scenario. Once you have it set up, all you have to do is download the authoring software and everything will go very quickly. Then choose the format of your photo book according to your budget and your artistic ambitions: A4, A5, A3; as well as the type of cover: hard, soft, canvas... You must also choose the quality of paper to be used: matt, glossy, satin... After which, your artistic fibre and creativity will be put to the test: text, background... As soon as you have finished, the entire printing process is taken care of by our specialists. You can also choose to create your own photo book from the materials available for a highly personalised result, but this will take a lot of time. Printing your photo book by a professional is the alternative with the best quality/price and result/time ratio.
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Tips for creating the perfect photo book

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