Eco-friendly packaging: 4 new trends to be adopted urgently

Eco-friendly packaging is gaining momentum as consumers, increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, are prioritizing transparency and purchasing in line with their values. This influences their purchasing decisions and therefore shapes new trends in terms of packaging innovations. So, is green packaging just a communication tool or a real trend? How to achieve efficient and creative eco-packaging? Which materials should be preferred? There are creative content production platforms specialising in graphics, writing and video, deciphering new trends and revealing examples of eco-friendly packaging with clever design.

Why bet on eco-friendly packaging?

Although necessary, packaging is a considerable source of waste, harmful to the environment and especially the oceans. Faced with this awareness, consumers are gradually turning away from traditional packaging in favour of eco-friendly packaging. Today, the boom in the eco-packaging market is such that it could reach 440 billion dollars by 2025 according to the report conducted by Accuray Research LLP: a benefit for the environment, but also for businesses! In addition to reducing pollution, the eco-design of your packaging gives you an essential competitive advantage: on the shelves or on the Internet, your product quickly stands out and catches the customers' eye. Moreover, eco-friendly packaging is an excellent way to display and disseminate your values. According to a study conducted by Smithers Pira, 79% of companies even believe that consumers' environmental awareness is a major source of growth. Eco-responsible packaging is a significant economic lever that encourages the act of purchasing. By appealing to your target's convictions, you make it easier to build loyalty. While the cosmetics and beauty products industry is at the forefront of packaging innovations, the food and ready-to-wear sectors are not far behind.

Eco-packaging trends to adopt

Eco-designed packaging made from recycled materials

Switching to more ecological packaging has become an imperative for brands. One of the ways to create a positive impact is to develop packaging from recycled materials. Cardboard, paper, plastic... Try as much as possible to maximize the share of recycled material. Be careful, however, the quality of your product should not be affected! In this way, you also promote circular economy with consumed packaging entering the production loop again.

Biodegradable or compostable packaging

Not only are brands making efforts to create packaging from recycled materials, but they are also emphasizing packaging that is itself biodegradable or even compostable. For example, new bio-sourced materials of plant origin are emerging, such as corn starch, cane sugar, algae and cellulose. In short, natural alternatives to plastic are appealing to consumers concerned about their ecological impact.

Optimised & reduced size eco-packaging

Surfing on the wave of eco-friendly packaging also means concentrating on the essentials and limiting overpackaging: say goodbye to superfluous boxes, rods, blisters and unnecessary plastic compartments. Instead, prefer minimalist packaging, both in form and design, while taking care to keep the essential elements for the protection of your product. In this sense, many brands have improved their product design and packaging to limit the use of plastic and reduce their carbon footprint.

The do it yourself & reusable packaging

If you want to create eco-friendly packaging, think about reusable packaging like Puma and its "shoebox" that turns into a bag. In this way, the packaging purchased with the product is given a second life and can be used for other purposes. In addition to being eco-friendly, this multi-functional aspect is very up-to-date and practical.

Do you want to create a stylish and trendy packaging?

As you've seen, the packaging conditions the act of purchase and the success of your product. So don't wait any longer and entrust the creation of your product packaging to a specialist. Whatever your sector of activity, our expert graphic designers create packaging that is both creative and modern to enhance your product. Start your project in a few clicks on our platform and be accompanied step by step until the final result!
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