Tips for creating the perfect photo book

You've had a dream holiday or you've celebrated your child's birthday in style and you want to create the most amazing and perfect photo book! Creating your photo book is the assurance of total freedom in the layout and the ability to personalize your photo book at will and thus show off your most beautiful photos thanks to a fabulous presentation. To create this unique photo book, you can visit specialized website like for example, and here you can find a few tips to follow:

Select the most beautiful photos

This is one of the steps that can take the most time, but it is essential to make a beautiful photo book, because you must not end up with almost identical photos, blurred or poorly framed. So browse through your photos and try to eliminate any missed shots. Don't hesitate to keep only the best and prettiest ones among those you have selected. You can also retouch them afterwards if you feel it is necessary.

Opt for a simple and sober layout

We recommend you opt for a sober and easy-to-use layout. Try not to overdo it by loading your book with different fonts, colors, or pages that are too busy. To highlight your photos and have fun flipping through your photo book, it's wiser to keep it simple while adding your own personal touch, so there's no need to overdo it.

Make your photos shine

If you have great photos and you like them, print them big! Choose your most beautiful photos and arrange them on a single page of the photo book. It will look even better if you put other smaller photos on the page next to it. You can then tell your story with the main photo and complete it with the smaller photos. If you wish, you can add small effects such as frames or shadows to give a little depth to your photos. With the CEWE Photo software you can choose from a number of nice effects, but don't overdo it, keep it simple.

Adopt a creative background

If you don't want to use a large photo, you can try adding a background to your photo book: black, white, coloured, with or without texture, made to your taste. To create original backgrounds we suggest you use photos of sand, wood or clouds to distinguish yourself.

Play with the illustrations

To give authenticity to your photo book, you can use illustrations to brighten up the background or even directly on your photos.

With or without text

If you do not wish to use text, do not feel obliged to do so. It is not necessary to add a caption to each photo, the photos often speak for themselves and moreover it is a pretext to tell your loved ones what each photo hides. If you prefer to add text, you can use text to indicate the months or events of the year, to mark each step or to tell and keep anecdotes. It's up to you, with or without text it's your photo book. If you opt for text don't overload!

Make a cover that looks great

The cover is the first thing you'll see that will make your loved ones want to leaf through your photo book. You don't have to choose your most beautiful photo, but you can choose a mysterious cover that will make your loved ones want to discover the photo book. Don't forget to give it a title and subtitle.

Get started

All you have to do now is to get started, don't be afraid to spend too much time on it, it can be on the contrary a creative and nice moment to spend. Indeed, you will be the master of the creation of your photo book. So don't hesitate, upload your photos and in just a few steps you'll get a result beyond your expectations. This will also allow you to keep a nice souvenir of your photos on a much nicer medium than on a hard drive.
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