What are the elements to take into account to get a nice picture?

When we take a photo, we often have the impression that it is a failure, that it doesn't correspond to our expectations, or that we simply don't know how to do it. Between white balance, depth of field, manual mode, or sharpness, there are many elements to take into consideration when you decide to take pictures. According to Canon's Photography Trends Study, 24% of people surveyed say they take at least 300 photos a month. A figure that shows that photography has become a more mundane act, but also one that is increasingly mastered, that takes various forms and in which we wish, in fact, to progress. Thanks to the tools at our disposal today, it is possible!

How do you make a beautiful selfie?

Here is the archetype of the diversity of forms that photography has been able to take, especially with the advent and development of social networks. Indeed, taking a picture of oneself is now simple, but even more so. It allows us to develop a relationship with others and with ourselves which, if it doesn't fundamentally change things, gradually changes our daily lives and our vision of my camera and the act of taking pictures. A predominant importance that could ask us how to achieve a beautiful selfie. To answer this question, we must first and foremost get to know ourselves, so that we can make the best use of framing, depth of field, even self-timer, and be able to take better pictures of ourselves. How to make a successful selfie, that's the whole question. First of all, it's better to take several pictures, to make sure you think you look good enough. Because yes, even if we know each other, even if we know that our right profile is better than the left, that this type of light puts me more to my advantage, etc, we are entitled to several attempts, let's not forget that from now on, digital photography is free, let's take advantage of it! Moreover, the final goal of a selfie is, most of the time, to share it on social networks, so to show yourself to the world. The ideal is therefore to feel pretty enough to assume it. Then we also have to think about the equipment, which the photography market is making more and more available to us. While we often take a selfie with a smartphone, there are many accessories that help us to make it better:
  • The selfie boom,
  • Photo editing and retouching software,
  • Photo lenses that you can clip to your mobile phone,
  • Various applications for a better skin texture,
  • Etc.
Anyway, staying smiling and adopting an open attitude is still the best way to produce a beautiful and good selfie, always keeping in mind what you want to do with that cliché. Whether you want to share it on social networks, send it to your grandmother, or keep it to yourself, intention and purpose are the driving forces. And yes, let's not forget that, from now on, making a selfie is a real practice, and almost a technique!

Which applications to progress in photography?

The photographic technique is, of course, important when we wonder how to photograph, but it is often very interesting to get help, and to rely on additional tools. The applications are part of it, and allow to better manage the backlight in the photo, to take a black and white picture, or to privilege and emphasize a certain silver focus. All this is then in our phones, and immortalizing a moment of life seems much simpler than with a digital camera or an autofocus. While mastering the use we make of photos, we then have to figure out several points, which make and found the interest of photography applications to progress. Indeed, these applications are free, are often intuitive, and allow many features, from retouching to filters, through wide angle or cropping. Among the platforms which gather all these criteria we can quote the famous Instagram. This application allows, among other things, to exhibit and share one's photographic work or daily life to its subscribers, but above all has a retouching functionality. Indeed, it is then possible to apply a filter to the photo, to modify the brightness and the source of light, to work on the saturation of colors, or to bring out a black and white photo. A good base to start or progress in photography! We can also mention applications such as VSCO Cam, which has developed its own filter palette that allows a large number of modifications to my photo, but also Snapseed, which has retouching software. It is then possible to erase a graffiti on a wall, or even a button on the We can also mention applications such as VSCO Cam, which has developed its own filter palette that allows a large number of modifications on my photo, but also Snapseed, which has retouching software. It is then possible to erase a graffiti on a wall, or a button on the forehead. Facetune allows to smooth the skin texture of the face, especially for selfies, while Prisma reworks our photos like works of art, with filters adapted to contemporary artists or not. It is obvious that, even if almost everything or almost everything is offered on the market in terms of photography, we will find our happiness without worry on our smartphone!
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