The best personalized gifts’ ideas!

No matter what one's taste, a gift is always a pleasure! To optimise the pleasure of giving and receiving, why not combine original gifts with a surprise effect? There's nothing like choosing one or more personalized gifts! A photo, a little word, a little touch of humour... These are not gifts like any other. It is a small part of yourself that you offer, with all the complicity that this implies. Discover our best ideas to offer a gift in your own image that is sure to delight its recipient!

The best personalized gift ideas for a successful surprise

The personalized chocolate message

Notice to all the gourmets! Chocolate is a sure thing. Rare are the people who have not yet succumbed to these little sweets. Nevertheless, despite its near-unanimity, you may think (and rightly so) that chocolate remains an ordinary gift. This is why some chocolate shops sell chocolate boxes with personalised messages! De Neuville, for example, offers messages of 16 letters. This way, you can combine pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds, all via an original and gourmet gift. A personalized gift idea that will delight young and old alike!

Shanty Biscuits

Still for the gourmets, discover the original concept of Shanty Biscuits! These expressive little biscuits made to measure are perfect for a personalised gift! Discover the many ideas for messages written on these little sweets. You will also be able to propose your own text, so that it can be perfectly adapted to your desires. Will you be tempted by this trendy and gourmet gift?

The fake front page of a newspaper

Looking for a good prank to play for your friend? Opt for a fake front page of a newspaper or magazine. Discreetly drop off this fake newspaper at your friend's house. Incredibly realistic, surprise him or her with a photo on the front cover (or the one of his or her cat, it's up to you). Headline, hat, text... Everything you need to perfect your joke by inventing a funny and offbeat story.

Customized masks

Beyond personalized gifts, do you want to bring a little fun to your loved one's birthday? Order personalized masks! For your friend of course, but you can also take the vice further by disguising your whole gang. Choose your friend's favourite (or hated according to your humour) character. For a birthday, nothing is funnier than choosing a very special mask for the rest of the gang: the head of the one blowing out the candles!

Personalized cards

You want to write a little note to your friend, but no way to buy a regular and gnangnan card? We understand you, your loved one's birthday deserves a little more originality and humour! Send him/her your message via a personalised card! Choose the colours, the offbeat visual and the title! Simple, economical and appreciated for sure! The paper birthday card still has a lot of years ahead of it.

Customized glass

Is your friend a beer or whiskey drinker? Offer him a personalized drink! Have the message you like engraved/copied, so that at each tasting, your loved one will drink a toast with you in mind.

The sommelier's box

If, in addition to enjoying a good glass of wine from time to time, your friend is a real wine lover, we have what he or she needs. Make him or her happy by offering him or her a customizable sommelier's box! On the outside, a pretty box engraved with a personal message from you. Inside, the perfect gift for the passionate sommelier.

The luminous boxes

Do you think your loved one's house lacks original decorations? Discover the customizable light boxes. If you're looking for a trendy and trendy decorative gift, take a look at these original lamps. With the help of small leds, sublimate your message by highlighting it! Dozens of characters and symbols are available to personalise your box.

A mobile charger

Is your friend a technology addict and can't live without her/his laptop? Do her/him a favor and take away a source of stress. Offer him or her a mobile charger to avoid potential battery failure. To mix business with pleasure, opt for a customised charger that has been redesigned to suit your needs. In addition to its practicality, this gift will bring a touch of design gadgetry that is not to be neglected.

Personalised petanque balls

The good days are coming and your friend is a great player? Offer him or her a game of petanque! To mark the occasion and get rid of the traditional game, personalise the balls by engraving his or her name or a message! Ready for a little game?
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