Creating a book of your most beautiful photos

Creating your social media photo book version with tailor-made colors of your favorite social network

Printing your photos

With several features: photos are resized in a square format and can be filtered to add fun. A "polaroid" effect is further enhanced with online printing.

The printing support

As with a traditional digital photograph, there are a variety of printing options for images from a social network account. Some respect the square format imposed by the social network and tend towards a "polaroid" type rendering.

Personalized objects

Stickers, cell phone covers, T-shirts or even cushions can be used to support shared memories on your social network accounts. It is possible to import a photo from Instagram, for example and print them.

Printing your photos from your social media accounts

Your Instagram or Facebook feed is getting admiration from family and friends? Are you yourself very proud of your work? Many websites, like MySocialBook for instance, offer you the possibility to print photos from your account. In order to immortalize your photos posted in a photo box, on simple prints or even on large formats, there is nothing simpler…

Printing your photos from your social media accounts

Why printing your photos?

To print your photos is to keep an indelible trace of your most beautiful memories. In this digital age, paper is making a comeback, and that’s good news! What’s more, the choice of formats has never been so varied: standards, photo enlargements, posters, canvases, frames, American cases, albums, magnets, phone covers…

If your computer is idling, you probably have too many files in your memory. Cleaning up is always beneficial. And it will do your cluttered cameras a world of good!

Free your memory

To print your photos is to choose the most beautiful, the most moving ones. It's a proven fact, sorting through material life is also sorting through your head.

Lifetime moments

Between looking at your photos on your computer, your smartphone, or literally having them in your hands, there's a big difference! Today, the trend is back to the object, the real thing, the material.

An emotional object

buying a photo printer

Why buying a photo printer?

Senior citizens and young parents are among the buyers of printers, who like to have and distribute family photos. Many printers are surfing the wave, putting baby in the spotlight, in an advertisement. It’s portable everywhere and its compact size allows it to slip easily into a suitcase for the holidays.

Simplicity and freedom of printing
photo printer economical

Is a photo printer economical?

Buying a photo printer should not be done with the intention of saving money. Depending on the amount, it can represent an investment. In addition, the ink and the specific paper for the photos (coated, glossy or satin) are expensive.The cost of the photo can be similar to that of a classic or online photo lab.

Why buying a photo printer
Simplicity and freedom of printing

Simplicity and freedom of printing

The photo printer is very easy to use. It allows you to print photos, without delay, at home. A computer is no longer necessary for printers with a control screen. Simply plug in the machine, insert the camera’s memory card and start printing photos. No more waiting for photos to be delivered, the result is as instant as a Polaroid, with top quality as a bonus.

photo printer economical
Tools to edit a photo

Tools to edit a photo

Even the best photos need a little help to be perfect. A little color management, a little cropping, and you’ll end up with a great photo! From now on, it is no longer necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of a complex and paying software to edit your photos like a pro. There are several mobile or web applications that will give you a superb result, at a fraction of the cost or even for free.

Printing your message conversations in a book

Don’t kid yourself anymore. You’re a writer and your pen is your smartphone. Every day, you exchange many messages from your iPhone, Android, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram, with your loved ones and together you write your story. Your conversation becomes a book, an idea for a unique and original gift that will last over time.
This book, which includes all the iPhone, Android, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram messages you have selected, tells the story of your love affairs, friendships or family. You are the author, the editor and the main character in this book of memories. Give it to those who are its heroes, it will bind you forever. So take control of your story…